Comment: Romney's Neocon War Cabinet

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Romney's Neocon War Cabinet

Who are you kidding? Three of Romney’s foreign policy advisers are featured in the neocon dual citizen cabal Dr. Wasfi discusses, the same people who gave us the invasion of Iraq for oil and Israel, Eliot Cohen, Michael Cherthoff and Dov Zakheim. The latter two BTW have already benefited from the ‘spoils of war’ and national police state meme, Cherthoff profits handsomely from the sale of TSA
scanners. Zakheim lost 2.3 trillion dollars as Pentagon Comptroller. The budget office was destroyed on 9/11 by a plane (which some contend was actually a missile), the day after Rumsfeld announced the missing money. Both Cherthoff and Zakheim have shaded reputations connected to those events. Ending the wars will never happen as long as Repubs continue to allow the Israeli lobby to dictate foreign policy and the GOP chooses candidates like Romney who cater to unsavory radical neocons instead of moderates.

Dahlia Wasfi, M.D.

Romney’s Neocon War Cabinet

The 4 Neocon Romney Foreign Policy Advisers That Would Pull the US into War with Iran ...

Paul Craig Roberts:

“The Republicans are the party most controlled by the neoconservatives, who are strongly allied with Israel’s far right-wing government and are most hostile to the US Constitution.
The Republicans are the party that gave us the PATRIOT Act, the first massive assault on the US Constitution."

The ONLY choice is Ron Paul, not Mitt the war monger.