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I agree 100%. We should NEVER let this go. 9/11 is a

conspiracy of the highest order. This was unquestionably a U.S. Government false flag operation for the purpose of rallying citizens to attack Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a proven fact that thermite and thermate were used to Demolition all three buildings.
If we continue to educate ourselves by watching the documentaries, reading the books regarding 9/11, we can help others become aware of the truth of that day, and soon the majority of the people won't merely hope or request, but be strong enough to Demand accountability from our government - their days of tyranny are numbered with or without 9/11.
In our lifetime, 9/11 was the biggest catastrophe perpetrated against American citizens by anyone, but to realize that it was perpetrated by the highest officials in our own Govt to me is the most heinous crime of treason and those responsible should be executed. We should never rest until justice be served.