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Comment: My Journey

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My Journey

My journey began with dismissal of these theories all toghether. I did not WANT to believe the system was so corrupt and tilted towards those in power. I really wanted to think, "If we just get the right people in office." The pushed me into a steady stream of political activism for a few years, then reality set in. Depression, anxiety, sadness, the whole nine yards. It was, and still is, a dark place. Crossing over the threshhold into that darkness was something that I resisted for quite some time.

I relate it to the 7 steps of grief;

Shock and denial
Pain and guilt
Anger and bargaining
Depression, reflection, loneliness,
The upward turn
Reconstruction and working through
Acceptance and hope

I am somewhere inbetween stages 5 and 6, but I do know for a fact that the seeds that have been planted about how the two party system is one in the same have been germinating in the minds of those I touched. Hang in there, there is just much denial out there, which is so much easier than the pain and guilt phase.