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The Revolution: In Brief

I can never seem to ignore the views of others when displayed by either the writer themselves denouncing the path Rand Paul has taken or the DownVote of a comment that brings question to or hope for Rand Paul's plight. Bitter taste begets bitter face. The revolution commands a more mature understanding. A higher level of thinking then that of the Founding Fathers. They played the hand of establishment insider. That's how it all starts.
Rand Paul's father spent 40 years and then some educating. Bring babies into the world and standing up for our rights, that's what he did. You have to be a very strong man to do that. Don't you think? Whether we know it or not, that stubbornness and determination affects and influences others around them. I don't cast a aspersions on Rand because i can see by the day what he does on the floor and has and is still pushing an effort to get a REAL VICTORY in this Revolution: An Audit of the FED!
Much of the Effort from the C$L (that is not a typo) has been stifled by the grassroots (US) no longer supporting it. Which is justified. Yet, that gives us no credence to Allow that effort to fail or any effort that WE KNOW can only bring good! If any of you are here and are actually reading these words, you get that all of this mess we call "America" has had its roots eaten alive by MONEY. Proliferated fascism at the federal and at times state level: Money. Never ending economic divides that control the flow of power: Money. Ignorance run a muck in the media, in the classrooms, and in the streets: Money. Constant struggles amongst nations killing millions in the name of "Freedom" and "Security", but all for the acquisition of resources: Money. And the direct assaults on our health choices and personal liberty: So the Money Manipulators may control our bodies and someday our minds!
No less then complete ventilation of these people and there acts from "our" system of government is our finish line! The question is going to be clear soon and that question is this: By what means our we willing to see that finish line and who is going to be there to cross it? To Many this question could not spread fast enough to those who CONSTANTLY argue semantics over Elections and Debates and the like when "All the Worlds a Stage". This election is rigged. We All Know It. Really, the only Time you should look at that Sh!t is to find the Lies, or the little bit of truth they till when they run their mouths about "the plan".
You are all falling for the distractions, again. Much worst than before because then it was to blind us, now it's in the effort to stop US. The first two years of this movement was extraordinary. People were waking up and and calling out BS Left and Right. You couldn't hold in the emotions every time you thought of the things people were accomplishing. This revolution was becoming influential. And if you knew of Ron Paul pre-2007, you thought (because of the media) his campaign was going to be just like the efforts of the past: broken and discarded, only with the stakes ever higher. None could possibly have predict what was going to happen. In the words of the man himself it was "beyond my wildest dreams".
Now we have turned against each other. For more or less bitter reasons. Voting and candidate factions, policy and principle factions, even right and wrong factions. Why? Do WE not remember why we do what we do? Why we even have a website like this to vent our passions, not our prejudice?
Bearing Witness since the beginning,I have become sadden to what is infesting our beloved revolution. Much like my family in the mid-nineties, when my grandfather passed away and the family began drifting apart, the same is starting with the relationships between many old and new patriots as Dr. Paul leaves the "political stage". I can see it as plan as day. We all have something at stake and "it all has to do with money". Don't Let them brake you by Divide and Conquer. Don't be fooled into capitulating who is the "Real Enemy" according to the box in your living room.


Don't Fail the Revolution Because Ron Paul's Son chose a different path. Or because leaders within his campaign ranks jew'd the grassroots towards the end of it. The grassroots got Ron Paul nominated on the floor of the convention and forced them to break their own rules. That's Influence. That's Power. To a curtain degree Rand Paul has done the same in the Senate. I respect him for that.
But We are the mobilizers. We are the Founding fathers. Those who set the pace, determines the out come. Get back on track and RESTORE AMERICA NOW!

~Good Night, And Good Luck~