Comment: Not at all angry

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Not at all angry

I do not put any expectation on Ron Paul to endorse Gary Johnson. Personally I don't think he should. I think it would not be good for the gains the liberty movement has achieved in the Republican Party. I'm not talking just about Rand Paul. But every inch of ground gained from Justin Amash all the way down to The Granger.

Libertarians like myself who are supporting Johnson now that Paul is no longer a candidate, put many years of time, money, and sweat into helping Ron Paul grow the liberty message within the Republican Party. We worked hard to build up our Republican allies, and have a lot of sacrifice and investment in the ground we've gained to the right. We don't want to lose an inch of those gains. We want them to grow. We want as many friends across the aisle as we can get.

Like it or not Ron Paul Republicans, Libertarians are, and have been, a better friend and closer ally to you than 2/3rds of your own party has been.


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