Comment: oh THANK YOU Alex Jones and Infowars...

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oh THANK YOU Alex Jones and Infowars...

...what would I do without you being the MOUTHPIECE for the NWO?

Remember GANG - Alex's pastor Lindsey Williams said "the moral code of conduct for the NWO is that they ANNOUNCE what they are going to do BEFORE they do it" - and this is NOT news worthy, or of any SHOCK VALUE - this is an EXAMPLE of what Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura have been hired to do!

IGNORE infowars and Alex Jones HYPE!!!

Get busy in your own backyard, as Ron Paul said; preach the Gospel if you are a TRUE follower of Christ, preach the law to the Jew and creation to the Gentiles(Acts 17), run for office yourself as a common citizen, and teach American History about our founding and MORAL history from primary sources like 18th and 19th century books!!!

Ron Paul said: "add virtue and excellence, as I have tried to do in my public and private life"

DO NOT SPREAD FEAR like Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura do about the police state and the Homeland Security red list and all their other CRAP!!!