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Comment: Pro-life Atheist

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Pro-life Atheist

I am a prolife athiest, altohough I used to lean more towards the side of Pro-choice. But Ron Paul has enlightened me with simple perspectives on alot of issue's that I've never even thought about. I guess before discovering him I didn't really question alot of things that most of society just takes for granted, or are conditioned to believe as being the right way(the war on drugs being a big one). I obiously don't look at being prolife from a theistic standpoint, so I just believe it boils down to personal responsiblity. If you enjoy a sexually active life but don't want a child, then I think the responsible thing to do is use condoms or birth control, with the chance of those failing, and you end up pregnant, or getting someone pregnant, well you knew and took the risk, so now it's time to own up to it. But I'm voting for Gary Johnson because I'm worried more so about our economic issue's at this time, and I believe GJ is the best one in the race with that issue.

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