Comment: It is about the issues

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It is about the issues

which is why many choose not to unite behind Johnson. He's wrong on many issues and principles that Ron Paul is right on. It's not about Ron Paul the man, though the man amplifies the message, it's just that he's right on all the message, at least to me.

Some are capable of holding their nose to varying degrees in order to accomplish a number of genuine valid purposes. I say do whatever you feel is best. Others refuse to hold their nose and will only support that which they feel is right, win or lose. Ridicule and desperate pleas for them to change their mind have little effect and are all but useless against such. I've read a number of good arguments in Gary Johnson's favor but none of them have swayed me. I wish him well and appreciate that he is keeping the debate alive and a large chunk of the liberty message going. He will not have my vote though. I feel support for more local candidates is more effective at this point.