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Comment: I couldn't agree more with your 1st paragraph.

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I couldn't agree more with your 1st paragraph.

Gary Johnson is definitely no Ron Paul. I've never voted based on party affiliation either. However, I do see the importance of funding when it comes to being able to be on all 50 state ballots and to be able to participate in the debates. Unfortunately, it's a necessary evil and I wish it wasn't the case. It's sad that in the "land of the free", the "better man" doesn't get elected unless he has the funds, and/or connections.

For this election, since I won't vote for either candidate, I will vote in order to possibly give a third party candidate a shot in the future. If we have Ron Paul or someone similar to him as a third party in 2016, 2020, or later, this can only help push other people over the edge enough to actually vote for someone besides the "lesser of TWO evils" and not have them think that they would be "throwing their vote away".