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reminds me of some sort of scary muppet character.

This is just act 1 scene 1 of a 3 part dog and pony show. What do you want to bet, next round goes to Barry? It's like WWF wrestling.

I watched Stossel Friday night and he did a kind of behind the scenes of campaigns show, and it was pretty revealing.

Here it is if anyone's interested.

We drove almost 20 hours round trip to meet Jesse Benton after the abysmal performance in the first debate. I wanted to meet this guy and look him in the eye, to see what he was like. I got to spend about an hour with him, his deputy, and RP as you can see from my profile pic.

JB was fairly nice, receptive, and even somewhat hospitable (offering me some of the food off his plate) His deputy "Dimitri" was a little snob, and made crass remarks about the blimp and the grassroots when I tried to offer help in being a conduit between the grassroots and HQ. Dimitri totally missed my point and says "we don't neeeed another blimp." You could definitely tell there was animosity toward the grassroots.
I shook that off and began to try and get to know JB better. When I asked how he thought the debate in SC went, he got somewhat defensive and said "the debates aren't important. Iowa is important."

It was at that moment I realized that JB was way out of his league. It was all I could do to keep my jaw from hitting the floor. The debates were our BIGGEST opportunity to score with the voters, and absolutely no preparation was done for them..

He gave me his personal email address, and I managed to pass along some good ideas that either came from the DP or me. Some of it he used but most he didn't.

More importantly I was able to communicate directly to RP through his brother (who is a friend) and RP used more of the info that was given to him than JB did. At least I was able to bypass JB. It still wasn't enough though.

Whoever would let RP walk out onto the stage with his tie sticking out of the side of his jacket, and looking disheveled should have been fired. Anyway, sorry. I had to get that off my chest.