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ummmmmm what?

If you want to look at Medicare as an insurance policy then why not just have insurance policies??? The only advantage to Medicare is the government can say F U to the doctors by telling them how much they will get paid for their services.

It is not a sustainable system for this very reason. Eventually the doctors will get fed up and stop accepting Medicare patients (already happening).

An often overlooked aspect of why medical costs are going up is more services are being provided!!! You don't get more for less, its pretty simple. Now, I'm extremely thankful we have so many more advanced medicines, procedures, and tests/imaging than we did back in the 1950s but that all comes at a cost. Medical care used to be cheaper because when the SHTF you just died. We have far more advanced medicine now that can save your life, if you are willing to pay for it. I realize this is a blunt way to look at things but getting emotional about the situation is exactly what drives the argument for every entitlement program.

The other reason for the rise in costs is consumer's have been separated from the market. Insurance/medical care has moved from a consumer purchased market to a benefit provided by people's employers. When insurance is viewed as a benefit, there is a push from individuals to get more coverage than the need(why not if the employer is providing it). What we need is to completely remove employers from the relationship and allow individuals to purchase coverage for only what they want or need.

Part of what drives up medical costs is over testing. Doctors are afraid to get sued for not running an MRI/Catscan/xray on the off chance it would have caught something, and since the insurance covers it why the hell wouldn't they. The consumer doesn't care either because they aren't paying for it, the insurance company is.

Remember, insurance isn't health care! It is effing insurance. You can choose to purchase flood insurance for your home, but if the area you are in never floods why would you. It should be the same for health insurance. If you take care of yourself, eat right and you have no family history of diabetes, don't pay for coverage toward insulin injections. If you end up with diabetes, well you are out of luck. Take personal responsibility for your self everyone!

Going to the doctor should be like going to the mechanic. You think something is wrong, so the doctor tells you it will cost X amount of money to run the diagnostics to find out what it is. If something is wrong, you are informed of the cost for the repair as well as the risk associated with the work and the risks in putting it off. You then make a decision based on the risks and costs associated with the work and live with the benefits/consequences of your decision.

peace + liberty = prosperity