Comment: Rand is arguing for wiser

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Rand is arguing for wiser

Rand is arguing for wiser regulations and that our regulations are overzealous. These arguments are destroyed by liberals who think Wall Street is not nearly regulated enough. So what is a wise regulation? Bankruptcy law, contract law, fraud law. Laws are wise regulations. So I agree that we have too many regulations, but the cause is that the regulations that actually work are ignored. Also, with more regulations comes more loop holes, meaning that people have to come up with creative ways to get around stupid regulations and the response is to make more stupid regulations and you have a positive feedback cycle. Whereas, if we enforced the laws that actually work, that is, laws of free markets, then we would reduce the size of government and prevent robbers from seeing the opportunity to go to the auction.

Since I do not have an entirely clear understanding yet, I wish Rand could speak to my level, but perhaps he is keeping it really simple for the benefit of the many who think we just do not have enough regulations numbers-wise. I already know quality is better than quantity, but MANY Americans simply are blind to the problem of regulations.