Comment: Heh, you are missing what isn't seen

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Heh, you are missing what isn't seen

If Rand had a clue about market regulated by strictly consumers i.e. free market economics, he'd know to counter by pointing out that a band of thieves too can rob a whole village and then use a small portion of the loot to feed two homeless people doing some good but it doesn't make their thievery right.

Stewart is making the classic mistake of noting only what is seen but ignoring what isn't. All the indisputably good that government can do is done at the expense of someone else and since government is terribly inefficient, lacks responsibility for bad decisions and is run with people no smarter than anyone else, it will always do a worse job than a free market could if it were just left alone to sort itself out. Not to mention stealing can never be a solution to anything.

It's a shame Rand thinks smart regulations are needed.