Comment: Only 10 amps? Wow, that is

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Only 10 amps? Wow, that is

Only 10 amps? Wow, that is not very much. Most US homes today dont use anything below 100 amps. I am somewhat suprised they only used 30 to begin with though, but seeing as how the voltage used in Japan is only 100, this means that they are limiting use to 1000 watts max at any given time.

Using 10 amps basically excludes use of central heating and AC and probably excludes use of washers and dryers. Dish washers may also possibly be excluded. Ovens and stoves, possibly ok if you arnt running anything else. You really only have enough power to run some lights, some electronics, and maybe one major appliance or a couple smaller ones at any given time. I own the smallest heater known to man and its all the way at 300 watts. Most computers take a couple hundred watts to run as well.

While I wouldnt be suprised at people trying to conserve resources, I have to question if so many people are really cutting back by that much.

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