Comment: This is not good.

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This is not good.

Rand is wayyyy too cozy bantering about with Stewart. It's like they are old buddies; like WWF characters who act as opponents for the crowd, for the show.

Rand's approach to this was completely "mainstream." He even had prototypical liberal Jon Stewart agreeing with him on many accounts. Their conversation quickly got down to ways to tinker with and adjust the statist status quo. It was about "sensible regulation," something both the Establishment left and the right always advocate.

If Rand were true to Liberty he would have addressed this whole issue on a philosophical level, as his dad always has. The question is NOT whether government regulations are sensible or not. The question is whether the federal government should even be acting in the role of regulator at all. We have property rights and tort law to deal with those who would injure others' persons or property. But Rand brings up none of this...

Rand made no attempt to explain how the free market has its own inherent regulatory structure. Any attempt by government to augment this regulation ends up causing unintended distortions in the system, and creates a brand new series of problems... which will then get its own set of new regulations as a "fix" for the initial regulation. And then, here we go again, the same old broken system, all over again.

I'm deeply disappointed in Rand Paul. Sure, he may be better than 98% of the others on Capitol Hill, but that's not saying much. In him the apple has fallen too far from the tree for my liking and -- more importantly -- for my trust.