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Comment: Evil is for religious people. But consider this

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Evil is for religious people. But consider this

Why CIA pays $6B to Pakistan but not a penny to socialist government of India. Both have nukes. Answer: CIA tries to keep somewhat secular government in Pakistan, since mullahs are worse than communists.

In Iran many presidential cabinet positions are appointed directly by the mullahs. Rational people cannot trust mullahs. Iranian president on CNN made it clear: even if Palestinians recognize the two state solution (which they do not), Iran would not recognize the right if Israel to exist. He even avoids mentioning "Israel" by name.

Now, RP had said that Israel has the right to decide on its own about its security and deal with Iran on its own. Israel does not parrot Pentagon. Instead of secret prisons, torture, nation building and debt, Israel performs clean strikes and offers no visas to "students" from countries it bombs. Israel was ready to bomb Iranian facilities in 2009 before they went deep underground, but Bush and Obama prevented Israeli planes to fly over Iraq. They had promised Israel that USA will contain Iran on their own. Israel is waiting, but for how long????