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Yes and condeming GJ is just as the RNC did without full research of GJ. I support both the message and the man. I wish we could clone him over about a million times... :0)

And it is true we need to come together or we will be divided and we all know that saying. BUT as you pointed out, were those supporters even RP supporters in the first place? They were very quick, too quick to jump on the GJ bandwagon without full research of him. That is what we do, jump, but with research, and I am not sure that all due diligence has been done on GJ. Personally, I know for me I have not had the time, please see here

Freedom Supporter Needs Your Help

This has been a full time job. I just am praying he gets better and have not had much time for anything else.

Anyway, thanks for the intelligible and not condescending response, much appreciated.