Comment: If mullahs are so irational,

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If mullahs are so irational,

If mullahs are so irrational, why don't they trust that Allah will grant them victory in a conventional war? No one has proved that the Mullahs are any less rational than Western leaders on this one issue. Fact is, Iran has not invaded another nation in over 200 years! How many nations has "rational" Israel invaded, bombed, etc.? Mutually Assured Destruction, or MAD, has a way of making folks rational, regardless of their ideology.

Ahmadinejad made it clear: He would support whatever the Palestinian majority decided to do about the two state "solution." Prove otherwise, and please don't show us mistranslations.

Of course Israel has the right to make decisions, but not on our dime! Israel wants us to do its dirty work however, which should be obvious even to people like yourself.

Um, your ignorance about Israeli brutality, torture, use of white phosphurus, and the continuing illegal Jewish only racial colonization of the REMAINING 22 per cent of historic Palestine is quite sad, but not surprising.

Your beliefs are why they hate us.