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Co-Opts? links this video:

Bill Still seems to believe that individuals in the Republican Party has taken over power positions within the Party called Libertarian.

If this is the case I think it is very concerning because perhaps the ptb within the Republican Party see the writing on the wall and are morphing into the Libertarian Party...Or maybe they realize the populace has caught on to the "2 party system as being 1 system" so they are getting in front of a 3rd party so as to lead the opposition.

Any thoughts?

I spent a little time while I was sick watching some of his videos. He seemed very concerned that the Goldbugs are trying to make gold the monopoly money. While speaking at the Public Banking Institute, Still says Von Mises was brought over and funded by the Rockerfeller Foundation.
He says it doesn't matter what backs the money, but who controls the quanity of the money. He also takes Dr. Paul apart regarding the Constitution saying only Gold and Silver can be legal tender. Still says it doesn't say that.

Do you know about all that?
It seems to me that Still might be of the same mind as you on your Rothbard/Menger post.

Do you want to talk about this stuff or something else?

I said I was going to write once a week. It seems I am doing more. Only reply when you have available power. I am getting ready to be pretty busy the next couple of days.

Thanks Joe!