Comment: The oldest extant population of Jews are Iranian Jews

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The oldest extant population of Jews are Iranian Jews

The oldest extant population of Jews in the world are the Jews of Iran, who have been living in the north and central parts of Iran for over four thousand years. They are counted as one of the oldest tribes of Iran.

If you shout 'Pogrom' in a crowd of Iranian Jews, they won't understand you, even if they speak English. Iran has the third largest Jewish population in the world.

The Israeli government offered to pay $10K to each person in the Jewish communities, if they agreed to move from Iran to Israel. En-masse the Iranian Jews offered a public refusal.

Iranian Jews to Israel: Our National Identity is Not for Sale

And the Jews are only one tribe... there are 8 or 9 other ancient tribes... each enjoy their own distinct cultural heritage and dialect but all know themselves as Iranians.


My mother kept pestering me to listen to Ayatollah Kamenei speeches. Finally, I gave in and sat down to listen. He was addressing a predominately younger audience. After a while she asked me why I was crying. I told her, I'm jealous of the Iranian young people for they have at least a few people in their government that genuinely care for their survival and future. Headdress and sexual preferences not withstanding.

I have grown up in the west, I'm used to hearing empty platitudes slip from the lips of knaves and liars...
i know only types like bushes, clintons, obamas, blairs and harpers, with the exception of Chretien who kept Canada from joining the murderous coalition that destroyed Iraq.

Recently, Jack Layton a very healthy man, leader of the opposition party, sure to be the next prime minister of Canada, a strong advocate of Canadian sovereignty, succumbed to a fast acting cancer that killed him inside of a year. I have to say it, because it has crossed my mind...was he murdered? He was anti-war and he was very very popular.

I'm accepting of religious beliefs but disagree with theocratic forms of government. Imagine i am accepting of repressive antics of the mullahs, because i think this repressive institution has the cohesion needed to prevent the type of destruction that was meted out to the Iraqis.

I wish you too, could hear first hand and understand Iranian government officials. They have been extremely rational in the face of extraordinary irrational actors in charge of the American death machine.

If you haven't already noticed, the American military has been going after secular governments in the middle it is somewhat out of character to attack an autocratic regime. This may be because this autocratic regime is very much keeping up with the times and has been rather successful establishing treaties with various countries worldwide. Iranian government may be chock full of religious types but it is not isolated. By virtue of geography, the Iranians have had to be cosmopolitan to ensure their own survival.


I will share with you an account of a conversation I had with an Iranian woman who was angry at the oppressive rule of the mullahs. I agreed with her on all counts. I also reminded her about what happened to the Iraqis. I asked her, would you rather be whipped a few times by an Iranian goon, or do you want to try your chances with American soldiers?

American soldiers went postal in Iraq. In one instance, they gang raped a 13 year old girl, killed her, killed her entire family, then burnt down their house. Women in Fallujah are giving birth to grotesquely deformed babies. If you see the pictures, you will cry. No women should ever have to deal with such a thing. Not too mention, all the gold, treasures and valuables stolen from the Iraqis by American soldiers.

I suppose it is to be expected, as stated in a previous post... I heard from a military researcher, most of the rank and file in the military belong to drug gangs and/or hate groups. The military brass is either doomsday sayers or satanists with a predilection for sex with children.