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Fine, why force everyone else to agree with you?

I neither find it interesting nor compelling to drive toy cars on Mars.

Th Mayflower was a private venture. Turns out Lewis and Clark Team was the first official US expedition to the Columbia River. Private traders were already exchanging Native goods globally.

At the very least such risky expenditures for yet unknown benefits should be made from surplus funds not borrowed Money.

The closest the US Treasury has come to a surplus was 1835 when the National debt meant each unique group of of citizens owed one Silver Dollar.

It's been downhill ever since.

As must fun as it was bread and circuses might have been prudently left unspent.

The Presidents going deeper in debt are well regarded. Those Presidents watching declining debt are not well liked. (Only Gold and Silver are Constitutional measures)

The Debt is heading in the correct direction for people. We still owe 3.2 ounces of gold each to be collected at a later date with interest.

Time to get out of debt while the getting is good.

Free includes debt-free!