Comment: Some times we must look

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Some times we must look

Some times we must look "fear" in the eyes. Many of the posters on here did just that in various wars, at various times, and in various places. I remember a photograph of a german carrying a wheel barrel full of money to the market. Reality is going to smack each and every one of us with out ANY mercy. Most posters have adoupted a VERY sound and sage wisdom. "Plan for the worst and hope for the best". "End of the world and WWIII aside, it's just a damned good idea to have a few months of supplies put up. YES, sometimes we 'embolden' the title's to our post, but fear?, for the most part we are WELL beyound fear. We're READY or getting ready, NOT out of fear. Like our founders, whose works started LONG befor the first shot, We do it because we know that PLANNING early and with Gods aid, we will have the victory.