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Not licensed...all that follows is crap

I took the Series 65, 7 years ago, and never pursued it after passing the test. I was struggling, at the time, with trading my own money and lost all desire to trade other's. At that time, and I could easily be wrong about this as I don't remember, I'm not sure there were such phucked up restrictions on liquidating 401k's.

I thought there was simply a conversion penalty of 10% (plus the imputed tax's) and possibly forgoing contributed employer funds that were not "vested". This penalty, but not the tax's, could be circumvented for job loss, various other hardships, or legal decree/judgment reasons. But then again, the only reason for conversion, in my mind then, would have been catastrophic perturbations like the loss of a job in the face of continuing bills. I never considered governmental interference...just that they'd have their hands out were you to try and get at it. Now, all of that certification related "education" is distant in my rearview mirror. As for myself, I do not have a "retirement account".

You see, I do not trade stocks. I only day-trade trade the e-mini S&P Futures as the imputed taxes on gains in these contracts are a little less than 25% and I never go to sleep with my money in the market. In fact...I never take a dump with my money in the market! After I pull the trigger, I immediately set up for the exit and ensure that I am one click away from safety...even if I can see safety for hours and a good run in front of me. I never take a loss greater than 1.25 points. ($500,00 per contract, $50.00 per point) I hit a point and I click. Thankfully, I don't have to make this click very often anymore.

I also have a clear line with the brokerage's trade desk on speed dial installed in my trade room and no one around here is aloud to use it...ever...just in case my internet goes out wherein an immediate exit is called matter what.

I've learned my lesson one too many times on leaving money in the piranha pool when I'm not in the lifeguard chair with my Maui Jims on and binoculars scanning the water. So now you know how I feel about "Markets" and any "investment" that relies upon them...any of them.

With this said, for "retirement" I like physical commodities (metals), cars, equipment, and real estate, neither of which are available to you with what you now have. I tend to think in terms of things that can never go to I have seen zero before and don't like it very much.

Were I you, in this environment, I'd get to some kind of Stable Value Fund right now. These would be things that never have any drawdowns as they are unattached to the markets. I don't know what is available to you through your plan. The Barracuda mentioned a whole life program in another post so, research that too. He's a smart guy.

It just seems that stocks, foreign or domestic, right now are in a very precarious position...even though they still may have some short-term upside potential.

The tentative nature of the dollar, right now throws all kinds of dogpoop on the playing field and trying to run down field and score a touchdown while avoiding getting it stuck in your cleats (or your cleats stuck in it) is going to be somewhat difficult for the foreseeable the death of the dollar will affect the world and its corporations...all of them.

What you have to understand, is what I wrote in that long post above, and that is what no one will tell you about as most have no idea how the markets really work. All of the "smart" people in the financial planning industry will "simply" (a double entendre here) point to your needs when you get to be an old fart. The "really smart" ones might point to the coming inflation coupled with the need to keep up with it. To do this they might point to future inflationary increases in the revenues of the corporations, and thus the prices of stock..and that's the "really smart" ones.

Of course, you can now see from my post, this is only the "Ying"'s the "Yang" that I defined that has claws that will tear your guts out...and certainly it is a beast ripe for a rampage as it is the populous's emotion that the pirates use for cover in these raids...and the plundering is perfectly "legal"...and dude...I think there will be a good bit of emotion.

I don't know your age, and it really doesn't matter. Were I you, I'd look at the world with trepidation right now and forgo all of that "popular thought" about age brackets and levels of risk. Take the lesson I tried to relay and make your decisions accordingly as the risk we're talking about now is carrying neuro-toxins that no one knows the affect of...

"Paper" metals are horribly manipulated making physical (I believe) highly under valued right now...but I have no idea how long this paradigm will last. I am surprised that it happened in the first place. Having said that, I would still buy at todays prices and do.

Good story: My father has a wholly owned commercial property worth probably about 2.2 Mil in todays dollars given a long term deep pockets tenant. In 2007, when it was appraised at 2.7 Mil., I was trying to warn every person that I could...that the sky was about to fall (no one listened) and I went to see my father to try and explain what I knew and to try and get him to mortgage the property for 100% of appraised value and use the money to buy gold. He looked at me like I was cross-eyed.

Gold was then $647.00 per $2,700,000 / $650.00 = 4,153 Ounces

Gold hit a high of $1,920.00+ per ounce

So what'd he miss? 4,153 * $1920.00 = $7,973,760 - $2,700,000.00 = $5,273,760.00+

He's still shakes his head when I jab him with that one (which, by the way, I love to do).

Think Capital preservation...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?