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about the "3 bigwigs planting homing devices," but have always had a suspicion that they were remotely controlled to fly into a homing device.

They have been working on trying to remotely fly aircraft since about 1915.


[edit]Conceptual development
Before World War I, the possibility of using radio to control aircraft intrigued many inventors. One of these, Elmer Sperry, succeeded in arousing the US Navy's interest. Sperry had been perfecting gyroscopes for naval use since 1896 and established the Sperry Gyroscope Company in 1910. In 1911, airplanes had only been flying for eight years, and yet Sperry became intrigued with the concept of applying radio control to them. He realized that for radio control to be effective, automatic stabilization would be essential, so he decided to adapt his naval gyro-stabilizers (which he had developed for destroyers).

Airline pilots that have had thousands of hours in the cockpit have stated that they couldn't hit the towers at those speeds, or it took several times to finally do it. And, the pilots claimed they had go at MUCH slower speeds than what was reported. They basically compared it to trying to park your car in a single garage @ 150mph. They then compared it to trying to drive a semi truck into a jiffy lube at high speeds.
(sorry I don't have the video with simulator animation where they explain it)

If you believe the official "story" the hijackers supposedly couldn't fly a Cessna without difficulty.

There are also questions about the planes exceeding their software limits, and not being able to fly at those speeds at certain altitudes.

Let's set the physics, the expert testimony, and the circumstantial evidence aside for a minute.

For GWB (a former military pilot) and Condi Rice (who had intel of hijackings and attacks in her possession PRIOR to 9/11)to come out a couple of days after the event and say "we had no idea that they would ever use planes as weapons" is absolutely ludicrous. Just those statements alone are suspect.

Had they never heard of the Japanese Kamikaze pilots of WWII?!