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...the private vs public funding is an important debate (I tend to agree with Dr. Paul on there being some national security aspects to space exploration that may warrant some public funds, although the scope of that could be argued). But that wasn't really what I was trying to focus on.

It's the general scoffing, naysaying attitude of some towards things that they don't appreciate or understand that bothers me. Perhaps it's fear of the unknown? Fear of change? God-willing, the expansion of humanity into space will happen one way or another. If Liberty-minded people aren't going to be the pioneers in this case, because of some neo-Luddite aversion to it, or because they despise people as some kind of curse-spreading cancer that needs to be contained and stifled, then who will take their place?

I think even the naysayers really have a bit of a Tookish side to them -- they just need a little nudge out the door, perhaps. ;)