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Yeah ...

Condi said they couldn't know ... and yet on the VERY DAY (9/11/01) ... THAT MORNING ... the military was running drills of ... what to do if planes are flown into buildings ... and what to do if a plane is hijacked.

Just like on 7/7/05 in London when the police were running drills of what to do if somebody bombs a bus or a subway ... at the EXACT moment it is actually happening for real.

Just like the Denver shooter at the movie theater where, that very day, a school in Denver was running a simulation of what would happen if somebody opened fire in a theater.


Also, less than a month after 9/11, a defense contractor filed for a patent for a remote control system that would (a) disable a jet airliner's pilot controls, (b) fly it to a predetermined destination by computer/remote, and (c) cut off communication from cockpit to air traffic control.

But ... THAT could never happen, right?

Ya just gotta shake yer head at all the deniers out there who can't bear to think their precious gubmint might have some evil people. But they will watch reruns of "The Godfather" all day long.