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Same Story

Bill Still and Ron Paul appear to be the genuine articles (moral, honest, and competitive) on two sides of a confused conflict.

Then there are those who work diligently to cause more confusion.

Here is where I ask myself, and I ask you, to get in the shoes of someone who is working to maintain their POWER to spend any amount of money they can imagine at any time.

If you had that POWER, then start thinking about the things that you must do to keep that POWER.

You will hire very attractive employees who will then use their attractiveness to accomplish specific tasks.

There will be an absolutely necessary requirement to make any threat to your POWER less POWERFUL.

Ron Paul is on the list.

Bill Still is on the list.

Any person gaining any POWER in any way will be on the list.

There will be a Top Ten list.

If you have the POWER to spend any amount of Legal Money you want to spend, at any time, and you figure out quickly that you must spend your POWER on making your competition POWERLESS, then you will spend your POWER on knowing which people, out of everyone on the Planet, are a threat to your POWER.

That has to be understood, if you don't understand that, then you have no clue.

If you understand that, and you then have a clue, then apply that understanding to these questions.

I think Bill Still can't be bought.

I think Ron Paul can't be bought.

They are still alive.

I think that Walter Burien can't be bought.

Are any of those people on the Top Ten list of people who threaten the POWER of the Single Legal Money Monopoly POWER?

I can't provide the list to you, but I think that they are not on the list. I think that they are on the top 1000 list. I think that you and I are on the Top 10,000 list, or Top 100,000 List.

I think that Gary Johnson is probably on the Top 100 List and therefore he is being turned.

You should know how this works.

Your enemies will give you 1 choice that appears to be 2 choices, and if you are slightly ahead of their POWER you will see 3 choices.

Your enemies are POWERLESS if you see 100 choices and the last 2 choices you entertain before choosing the 1 choice you end up choosing isn't even on your enemies list.

This is the stuff of Maneuver Warfare.

You make the rules, and that means that your enemies are thereby rendered POWERLESS at making the rules.

Does that make sense?