Comment: ha i just posted that above!

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ha i just posted that above!

didnt see your comment, but yes thats what it looked like to me. The old rope a dope. I predict he just wanted to let Romney waste all his ammunition and best lines so in a later debate when romney and his rhetoric are tired he will switch gears and tear him apart.

Good point about the MSM keeping people interested in the race. With all Romney's gaffes, negative sentiments and all the polls showing Obama running away with it, it did seem like the race was just about over. All of a sudden after what appeared to me as a boring non eventful lackluster debate performance by both candidates, it now appears the media in unison has shifted to a new story line, one of romney with fire in his belly coming back and Obama dismally blowing the debate. Honestly I thought Obama did better in the loser fest than romney. But the second the debates ended the seemingly preplanned onslaught of this new narrative dropped like a ton of bricks from all networks, even MSNBC and CNN that worship the ground Obama walks on we're in on it and throwing Obama under the bus. Really quite inexplicable unless viewed from the perspective you're suggesting. The MSM trying to keep the race close and interesting.