Comment: So basically you see the scenarios as

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So basically you see the scenarios as

A. Obama wins and he continues to go unchecked by his base to do the things we all know are in the plans.
B. Romney wins and a diverse coalition of conservative minded folks hold his feet to the fire when the time comes.
(not trying to put words in your mouth)

If thats correct, I guess I am reluctant because of the various assumed unilateral powers the president has, these days. I mean, when an 'emergency' pops up, they don't sit around, they have emergency meetings and decisions are made. Any criticism will come only after the damage has been done. Mitt just doesn't strike me as the type to call up the grassroots and committees and ask permission. I don't even think he would bother talking with his lawyers like he famously stated, that was debate talk.

I understand staying within the GOP and, again, I think it is very honorable. I also think it is less honorable to stay within the GOP as a sort of undercover leninist-type, saying we support Romney while waiting for the day to reveal ourselves in the way that the Neocons did. I'm scared all that work would be lost if Mitt wins and the predictable events happen and our problems are once again blamed on too much freedom in an already fascist society. That would probably happen regardless, though.
So I guess I see it as what will happen will happen regardless of who is president, and the liberty movement within the gop will remain because we have been permanently awoken by Ron Paul, But we will remain regardless. I am left wanting to just take 4 years of medicine and try to do better next round... And if the medicine kills us before then, it surely would have happened either way.

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