Comment: I was about to watch this interview with a friend

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I was about to watch this interview with a friend

but then thought better of it. I know how Peter gets when people are wrong and he was about to have McCain on his show sooo, haha yeah. This was going to be ugly. Peter has a habit of talking over and berating his guests, deservedly so no doubt, but still a host should practice restraint and common courtesy and allow them to defend themselves. You can still ask the tough questions, demand the tough answers and hold their feet to the fire while still be respectful and allowing the dialogue to flow back and forth in a orderly fashion. Yes Peter was right in all is points, but he lost in the category of decorum and decency. That may not mean a whole lot to lose in that category but for some that kind of behavior turns them off to whomever is displaying it, whether they are right or not. Mccain on the other hand was wrong the entire interview, but to his credit he was quite respectful and patient with Peter even after being beat over the head by some arguably cheap shots which he was in no position to defend himself or save face either rhetorically or time wise. Several times when being talked over McCain deferred to Peter and said "sorry go ahead". That was very gracious of him after being repeatedly interrupted.

These are small things but they make a big difference. I personally loved the interview and loved that you had the pair to let him really have it, but I also wish that you would be a little more gracious as a host and allow people to answer the questions you pose to them fully before pouncing on them. Sometimes it's more important to come off as fair and gracious than right and obnoxious.

I ended up showing my friend a different video instead. I didnt want them to get the wrong impression about you before I could properly introduce them to you, your work, predictions and other videos.