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I was only a freshman in h.s.

at the time Bush took office. It was my first time of Public education and only my second week in when the sad day happened in fall of 01.

When it happened, I was naive - I wanted to wipe all things arab off the map.. yet, blind to my own DNA ( I am 50% Lebanese ), I supported the war machine.

Then, as a junior in 2003, I heard the term 'secret societies' for the first time. Since that day, every hour of every day has been spent thinking, researching, questioning everything I have ever known.

For the last decade, I haven't had any answers other than bad people doing bad things. I began to study all the religions and all the spiritual understanding and all the things possible in the known universe.

I had that Ron Paul urge at a young age to know everything that there was ever to know. I discovered the CFR, the Trilateral commission, and I read in 2003 the next war would be economic to form a world recession and supply the result through unified government. We may not need one government, but the new world has never stopped globalizing since it was 'founded' in 1492. When really, Atlantis - the magnificent island in the North Atlantic, was discovered in the 1330's.

Columbus, is not Christophers last name. Its the Knights of Columbia, or similar Templar clans that were FIGHTING to maintain the secret. The holy grail? the secret is Jesus was God, but Jesus was not A god.

The Catholics of Constantine formed after 300 years of slaughter to anyone who knew who Jesus was. The first century a.d. is the darkest period in Israel History. Why else did Alexander the Great Romanize (globalize) the world and provide religion to follow?

The trinity of Christ is only 2 in form. Jesus and the Father are one, the Spirit is what is inside us. God is the spirit in all of us, through literal Biblical translation. When people are worshipping Mary or Jesus as deities, they are following polytheistic principles of the ancient powers that were. Following Symbols of IHS which was early Greek for Jesus Christ can tell you how the symbol of the sun was included around it, and how the three individual arrows point to IHS. Isis, Horus, Sumerimus. Zeth, Isis, Osiris, Nepthys are the 4 grandchildren of the sun god Ra. Z.I.O.N. is ZIONISM. it is not Judaism, or tsion/tzion.

You may have seen in some other posts, I have had a deep awakening about symbolism in paintings, churches, logos, and even in the words written by our fore fathers. The national anthem is a brainwash mechanism of the 1800's to repeat words and support them. war for freedom. war for freedom. be rebellious. fight for freedom.

Land of the Free(Mason) and the Home of the Brave(Native American)

Columbus Connection - Google Image (Columbia Pictures) - does that look like the Statue of Liberty? Yes. It is. Does it also look like the Lady on the 1933 Gold Coin? Yes. it does. They are all the same. You can even look at the infamous CBS (Columbia Broadcasting Service) to see the good old Eye of Horus. However, it is not a real eye, its the pineal gland, or your third eye. You see, the ancients practiced skull elongation because they know all glands formed from tissue - if they could increase the volume of the skull at birth, they could allow a large volume of space for the pineal gland to grow, hence they know the spiritual world went hand in hand and that 'they' will always be watching. Such is the premise for the movie Promethius. However, that is THEIR end game for THEIR transgressions, and I pity them greatly.

How can we prove today we are controlled by globalism? Do you have 1 dollar bill? The pyramid - egypt. the sun - egypt. the eye- horus of egypt. the other side. the eagle was used in fascist italy, as is the bound arrows. the wheat resembles Gold in ancient Babylon.

Now, Ron Paul is on the good side, but it is only proof of WHY he knows so much. He's connected the dots. through him, i have connected SOME dots. Books are to follow.

Now, the quote I maintain below is an example of Ben Franklin CODE. Double-speak, to be more precise. The full quote - "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Lady of Liberty - backwards is enslavement.

Temporary Safety - from globalist swords.

Remember, we will always Fight for Life, Liberty, and the .....Pursuit of Happiness.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.