Comment: Cartoon Bomb Obamneyahu And The Goldman Sachs Bankster

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Cartoon Bomb Obamneyahu And The Goldman Sachs Bankster

Regime LSM Cabal Party... LOL Sounds like this could be the name of a pathetic music band. I suppose The "Party" Wasn't "Over" afterall. Instead it was evidently just getting started for these crooks as all these parties in the party continue to play their violins during the drama of the debate - what a big joke. I suppose maybe we should instead just have the Bankster "Nominee" which from seeing the debate seems to be "Rominee" at this point.

I'm sure the fact that Obama has been in the process to purchase over $20 Million piece of property in Hawaii with intentions to move there next year + his statement at the beginning of the debate that he promised his wife Michelle that they wouldn't be spending next year's anniversary in front of millions of people, hmmm could that maybe be a clue that he might be considering throwing the election? Kinda sounds like it huh? I suppose we'll find out soon enough.

What if... the banksters saw that most were wanting to vote NOBAMNEY by casting their ballot for someone else? I'll make a Vegas bet that they are seeing this in the polls but not making the results public, instead they are lying about the numbers like always...

What can we do? I say no matter what, don't tell any of these pollster fu*kheads who you're planning to vote for. And make your decision to vote for the person that can most likely win against them. I strongly believe this person also needs to be on the ballot at least for the most part nationwide since it is well known that write-in's are most likely not counted. Do some critical thinking yourself and decide who this may be. I've had several calls and hung up on every single one - keep them guessing as much as possible by just not responding at all. They might just think you don't have time to talk and also maybe no time to vote either...

So what will they do if they know everyone will vote 3rd Party? Well, one could endorse the other to combine their votes, hmmm? Ahhh yes, then "Obamney" becomes literal reality after all. After they figure their two party system isn't fooling the majority of voters needed to win, next stage of the strategy will be to figure who will be the favored other candidate most are likely to vote for. They will then proceed to program as many machines as possible to flip the votes. See Electronic Black Box Voting 1 Electronic Black Box Voting 2

From what I understand they may need to have an idea who everyone will be voting for in order to flip the machines. Remember, in order to beat Ron Paul for the Republican nomination, they had to get the race down to two candidates. This could make it easier to flip the machines in all the states for Ron Paul vs Romney. There's been strong evidence this was done in the the majority of the primary states, which if you didn't notice were all mostly won by "Rominee". I expect they might try to do the same thing this time if they see a particular 3rd Party polling well.

Also, say many estimate the vote flipping to be workable to affect the vote by up to 10%? So this effectively could give Obamney the election? But if they expect the 3rd party vote will be split anyway, all they have to do is merge into "Obamney" and they could win maybe? Remember that handshake in the beginning of the debate, to me, seemed quite friendly - don't you think? LOL

But in the end, unless the 3rd party people are able to think critically about how to deal with the kind of monster everyone is really up against and just quietly vote for the one 3rd partier most believe would have the best chance to win, this is NOT wasting one's vote! It's strategy and it's simply the Globalist Banksters against the people, that's it.

If everyone can't figure this stuff out soon enough before the Cabal manages to somehow take everyone's guns away - everyone is toast. Honestly I don't think people have much time before it really comes down to the guns for food/money programs many are suspecting the government has plans to put into place on a massive scale. So far they have done these programs around the country, but it appears to still be somewhat scattered.

The smart people will decide a need to keep the guns in order to, in all practicality, be able to eat. How can someone eat food that person just gave a gun for, if others just come up and threaten with their gun forcing one to give up the food they just got by giving up a gun? What if, after they took someone's gun, they turned around and also used that gun to not only take the food back, but shoot the person as well so they can set them up and say it was a suicide?

The argument of giving a gun to get food is for idiots. Just look at the grocery store food prices skyrocketing. This is where we're at folks. How much time do we really have? Eventually, even those who manage to not turn in their guns may likely find themselves in a shootout to stay alive. And here we have it, democide in action. So far, all the countries who have strict gun laws show that their people have effectively lost their sovereignty. Either way, people will at some point need to not be afraid anymore as many won't have much left to lose individually anyway.

So let's just do the right thing right now - vote for who most think has the best chance to beat the monster. If one has been paying attention, there is no doubt who this candidate is. Folks, this is BIG. Try your best to make the right decision.

The only other problem is that it seems like it doesn't matter what the voting results are. Those who count the votes may very well lie about the results anyway, right? The media has basically lied to us about everything else - why not election results? Why is it that everyone I talk to says they voted for Ron Paul but somehow he mysteriously didn't win the straw votes?

Studies on the Electronic Voting show that as of now these machines can be largely hacked. So essentially, at this point it seems, the only way to get a good candidate in office is to make sure only good candidates are running who don't have lobbying interests or ties. The public needs to be sure the candidates are not being paid off by the private sector who has been evidently able to infiltrate our elections process and rig the machines... Essentially as long as there is no vested interest to control the elections, this seems would be the only way we will ultimately be able to end the rigging.

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...