Comment: I consider Ahmadinejad evil because:

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I consider Ahmadinejad evil because:

He is head of a very totalitarian state. He is very totalitarian. He is willing to use aggressive instituionalized violence to get everyone to behave his way. Really, it is beyond me how any libertarian can defend Ahmadinejad when it is so very obvious that he stands for everything the libertarian movement is fighting against. This is not to say we need to bomb Iran or anything, I'm just saying that if any of you guys lived in Iran you would be so fed up with this guy you wouldn't know what to do.

If Ron Paul said the things he did in Iran, he would go to jail and be tortured and executed. And so would the majority of the people on this site. Ahmadinejad is head of a terrible terrible regime that none of us here would put up with. Let's not forget that.

In Iran women must cover their hair when they go outside or the moral police (sic!) will come and arrest them. How many here would accept the government telling you what to wear?

You don't have to bre pro-Ahmadinnejad to be pro-peace, in fact I think the only sane position is pro-peace but anti-Ahmadinnejad esepecially if you claim to be a libertarian and advocate civil liberties, voluntarism and free markets.