Comment: Sure. Plenty of examples recently.

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Sure. Plenty of examples recently.

If you are wondering if it will happen suddenly, not really. It's happening right now.

First, people become agitated and riots begin. As economies grind to a halt, "public servants" decide service isn't paying and they begin first to try to uphold the power of the regime with all tools at their disposal: police and military.

This usually inspires further fragmentation and factionalization of the society including it's police and military. This leads to civil war, and those with power concentrate on preserving it. The people are left to themselves.

At first, things like having your own farm is great but then it just makes you are target. A man with a hunting rifle won't last long against a trained squad-level firing team and his land is now working against him: he's too far from his neighbours and his neighbours are concentrating on defending their farms and families but they are next.

Gold and silver hold buying power for a while until food runs out, then the only metal worth anything is "lead" and military grade weapons, and these simply because they give you a chance to obtain and keep possession of food and water.

Mobility then becomes key. Can you get away from violent areas and to areas with food and water?

The very young, the very old and the infirm begin to die in large numbers. Mass starvation becomes a factor. Life becomes cheap, survivors become numb to suffering. Profiteers and black marketeers can profit handsomely. And often the people will put their faith into madmen, religious zealots, what have you.

By this time the USA has ceased to exist as we know it but the corporations will be outfitted with their own armies protecting their own resources and they will be the new nation states. Unrestrained by any power, they become the new power, but this will be a feudal paradigm as corporations compete for natural and industrial resources. And that is what we'll be left with with no clear roadmap out.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.