Comment: Our government does most ot these things today.

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Our government does most ot these things today.

We could be called terrorists and detained indefinitely for suggesting the government has overreached the Constitutional limits of federal power. The government has taken over the means of production is some cases, government is constantly regulating business, socialized medicine to some extent through Obama-care and Medicaid. We have the government involved in housing and aid to education, an attempt to abolish racial bias with diversity trainings and minority hiring quotas. A welfare state with food stamps, Medicaid, Social Security, cash for clunkers, Obama phones and other aid programs.

So we are a socialist country.

"If a voter organizes or advocates a real third-party movement, he may be accused of seeking to overthrow this government by "force and violence." Anything he advocates by way of significant reform will be called "Communist" and will of necessity be Communist in the sense that it must advocate such things as government ownership of the means of production; government in business; the limitation of private profit; social medicine, government housing and federal aid to education; the total abolition of race bias; and the welfare state. These things are on every Communist program; these things are the aim of socialism. Any American who advocates them today, no matter how sincerely, stands in danger of losing his job, surrendering his social status and perhaps landing in jail. The witnesses against him may be liars or insane or criminals. These witnesses need give no proof for their charges and may not even be known or appear in person. They may be in the pay of the United States Government...."