Comment: Truth be told... McCain is a FKN idiot!!! Really!

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Truth be told... McCain is a FKN idiot!!! Really!

all McCain said about medicare and medicaid is that people paid into it people paid into it... Yes, people DID pay into it but were FORCED to do so... it's not like people said yes, sign me up and take it out of my check every week. But now they want what they thought it was that they were paying into. BTW, medicare and medicaid are JUST TAXES... That's it... they are not some trust fund or whatever people may think....

And to have people paying in NOW to pay for those others who are receiving benefits from the program now is just completely wrong. Peter is right, that is how a Ponzi Scheme works!

But, it would be nice for people to realize, that the Income Tax is an EXCISE tax and that ALMOST ALL Americans aren't even required to sign a W-4 form when they get a job and have medicare/medicaid, FICA (social security), State and Federal Income taxes withheld even though they are told they must sign that form to be able to work there. UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY no less!!!

The person hiring asking the person being hired HAS NEVER read one word of the law under Title 26 USC to determine WHO is to use that form and under what circumstances. On top of that the person being hired ALSO HAS NEVER read one word of the law to determine who's to sign that form too. So here you have 2 entities, both of which are DOING something that neither have read 1 word of the law to determine who's to be signing that form. Blind Obedience... just do something because you are told. Not because the facts bear out you have to.... This is the sheep mentality.

Again, I will refer readers to Dave Champion's Book "Income Tax - Shattering the Myths" which explains the law in thorough detail about this topic!

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