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You are right except for one glaring fallacy

Names are not "translated". Go watch a video clip of one of your favorite movies that is dubbed in a different language. You will notice that whenever a name appears it is spelled to sound just as it is supposed to sound. This is called "transliteration" and all names are supposed to be transliterated. Like "Ahmadinejad", this is how it is spelled in English so as to carry the proper sound. If it is spelled in Russian it will look different but will sound EXACTLY the same. Transliteration.

Jehovah is a false transliteration. First off there was no J in Hebrew or Greek. Second is the vowel pointing was added later and because of the Jewish tradition of not using the name they pointed it with vowels that would remind them to say Adonai or Elohim instead. Thus the erroneous name Yehovah or Yehovih

When you read LORD God then it should say Yahweh Elohim and when you read Lord GOD it should read Adonai Yahweh. Notice the Caps.

The falsification of the Father and Son's Names, to me, is a subtle deception on the part of Satan. The Fathers Name is Yahweh and this is pretty much without doubt and the shortened form Yah is found in other Name endings as well such as Yeremiah or even in HalleluYah. The Sons Name is Yahshua for certain and without any doubt. See Acts 7:45 and Hebrews 4:8. Look up the meanings of names and you will see the importance.

I find it interesting that every name, even Satan's name, are closely transliterated but the Names of the Father and Son have been obscured.