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You are deluded if you think

You are deluded if you think we make nothing. We still make all kinds of parts. There are dozens of machine shops in my city alone capable of making any type of part you can imagine. What we do not manufacturer in this country are electronics. In the event of a collapse there will be a resurgance in the electronics industry to make necessary circuit boards. I myself can build a circuit for a certain purpose easily enough...but it wont be as pretty and will likely be physically much larger than an equivalent from China. The point being that its not our manufacturing capability that is lacking, the danger in a collapse comes from the disruption in supplies....if people are deprived of easily available food for just one week civilization will simply collapse. People will take their guns and rob other people for food, survival will quickly trump the basic kindness of man and some will use force to take whatever they want. What is the quote...3 square meals is all that stand between civilization and anarchy. On the other hand...maybe people these days are so dependent on government maybe they will just starve to death before surviving on their own. Hurricaine Katrina was a good example of what will happen though I guess.