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My last word to you

I sure hope you get off the street and into a committee seat and join me and RP CANs in helping the GOP find it's way restoring America to constitutional government. The committee seat is a small way to do that, that is effective in that it is a small part of the establishment that has some power in local politics, as the paper publishes you letters, where without the elected seat, they don't. Your voice gets heard.

I enjoy my committee, especially because I am not alone, and Ron Paul's message is so great. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to bring Ron Paul's points to the table when we discuss issues. I enjoy GOP events, knowing I'm going to meet another Ron Paul Republican who is stronger than me on some issues and I learn.
I talk about the committee because my feeling is, if I can do this, so can you. If I'm enjoying this, more than Meet up, why wouldn't you?

Your experience would make you a VALUABLE committee member. The fact you searved, those who served Nam would LISTEN to you. We need people like you. I encourage you to join us on a committee.. it's not about Romney.. it's about us taking this party to restore America. The RNC woke up many of these people who didn't like Ron Paul.. but really don't like what they saw happen at the RNC.

I hope this is not our final words to each other. I admire and respect your grassroots work and hope you get off the street and take a seat. YOU would be a huge asset to the rEVOLution inside the GOP.