Comment: I think we all struggle with this kind of thing...

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I think we all struggle with this kind of thing...

I sometimes wish I could go back to sleep as well, it seems like the whole world is against you, when your awake... LOL! The way we approach it in our house, is to just try and find a balance between the two worlds. We let the kids have their Halloween, but we don't let it go overboard. ie Halloween is not a whole week event.... we go out in the evening for 'trick or treat', and when the bags are 'reasonably' filled (personal judgement) we go home! I try to encourage them to choose the chocolate bars over colored candy, as I think it's just slightly closer to nature... than a bunch of 'colors' made with chemicals. (Also, I notice my kids go crazy when they eat food coloring... more so than the sugar.... like a switch gets flipped in the brain!) But, the deal is they eat a couple of pieces a day... over the next several days... and have to drink a lot of water to help their bodies process it. Then at the end of the week, I throw out the 'left overs'. I think 90% of the fun, is dressing up in costume and getting something every time they knock on a door.... the rest is gravy. Also, we don't generally have candy in the house as a rule, so I feel like once a year is not going to hurt them.

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