Comment: We do only have two options, by Law.

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We do only have two options, by Law.

-Federal Election Commission is a two party duopoly with monopoly control of the election process that was established by Congress and the Act signed by the President.

Here is Dr. Paul in 1989 about his visit with the NEC.

Have the FEC rules changed? How will the votes be reported on election night?

-GJ was a lifelong Republican until December 2011. Many of the GOP will see a vote for GJ as a vote for their Party.

-How does one use a corrupted election process to send a message or vote for change.

When the people cannot verify the outcomes of their elections, then we don't know whose representatives they are.

-If the election process is corrupt, then voting implies that the system is sound.

-How will the MSM executives explain to their sponsors that they couldn't scare up a bigger Presidential vote.

What if the MSM contract is based on voter turnout? Ads are everywhere telling us how important it is for us to vote. Why is that? Who benefits?

-Look back through history at the percentage voting in the Presidential elections. Do you see any messages being sent by losing Third Party Candidates?

So there were many who voted third Party. What did the Party stand for, who did they represent.

-If we want to sent a message don't vote for President. What was lowest turnout in history? One for the record books in 2012?

With 100% reported and 10% voting we call this race for .....

The Great UnVote of 2012

Free includes debt-free!