Comment: How old are your children?

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How old are your children?

My husband and I have been teaching my daughter, 15yrs old now, since she was 9 about the dangers of GMO's, Hormones, pesticides, etc. We eat mainly organic and always GMO-free. She has never had a problem going trick or treating with her friends and then giving them the candy to take home. We always took her to Whole Foods the day before to buy some candy to eat also. I have never told her she can't eat the candy she got on Halloween, it was always her own decision and there were times she would eat a snickers or something and that was enough for her. The coolest thing is that my daughter thinks it is so gross that people eat fast food. She hasn't had fast food since she was about 5yrs old and doesn't even remember it. She says the smell of those places makes her gag and can't imagine it tastes any better than it smells :)
I hope your wife comes around. We need all the clean (gmo-free) children we can get to keep our race alive in the future. With the studies, it shows that 3rd and 4th generations can become sterile. That would not be good for the future of the human race.
Maybe have her check out the documentary "Future of Food" it is a very good film for educating on the effects of GMO's in our food supply.