Comment: Political Action, found it-;[sort of]

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Political Action, found it-;[sort of]

found the title but not the content on Davy's web site with this information:
Google banned it and the flag suggested I watch cartoons with a link to them [laughing] I'm not kidding.
In the title archive from Devvy, said it was taken from the WND site, by Geoff Metcalf.
Link to WND got this:
archives Published- 3/11/2001 He in turn got the article from Anne Williamson
Lead in archives to article:
INSIDE THE ALL POWERFUL FEDERAL RESERVE Geoff Metcalf interviews Anne Williamson. Veteran researcher and journalist who has written for the Wall Street Journal and New York Times has authored a definitive and eye opening..............more

Inside the all-powerful Federal Reserve <...inbed

The article would not load. All the others I tried did but not this subject. You try it and if successful, let us know what she said please