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voted you up sir, i can tell

voted you up sir, i can tell by your post your not one of those dp circle jerks(so called ron paulers bashing gary)but giving no valid ballot option other then bashing gary.

ps side note anyone writing in ron paul in a state where he is not a certified candidate will basicilly be invalidating their ballot by writing in ron paul.Invalidating all your votes on the ballot. This is standard practice by many states. They just invalidate the whole ballot.

so anyone writing in ron paul in colorado and then voting yes on amendment 64 or any other candidate will invalidate all their votes on the ballot. only certified candidates can be written in and counted.

the feelgood motion of writing in ron paul in states where he was not certified will basically invalidate your whole ballot!

all drugs should be legal, the drug war only empowers the folks the corrupt dea/gov and dealers. in effect any drug law protects the dealer and dea! dea and drug dealers love you! let you pay for the drug war personally

Ron Paul 2016