Comment: like i been saying gj arouses zero interest

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like i been saying gj arouses zero interest

remember when paul campaign news broke with how jesse benton might have fouled up and everybody was speculating, there were literally hundreds of comments per thread every topic related to that question. look at this now, even in case of gj potential foul-ups, there's not even enough interest to post a pea whether this is a non-issue or not. it's not even whether this particular campaign manager has issues or not, but the fact that no one (except a few) even cares enough to comment is the sad part of this commotion.. my comment alone is probably around 10% of this thread's content.. miserable.

on a separate note related to this campaign manager, nick gillespie alluded to johnson having serious flaws in his campaign early on as reasons to why he wasn't able to arouse the same interest on the scale of paul, now i know what he may have been referring to.