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Stop worrying. Maybe take a

Stop worrying. Maybe take a break from politics and then when you come back, catch up, but keep quiet about politics for awhile when you are at home. That's what I did when my husband complained about my involvement a couple of years ago. He was pretty much apolitical up till then, although he did always like Ron Paul.

This year for the first time he went to the caucus and conventions with me. He got caught up when he found out how much power one had when one becomes a delegate. He then became a delegate, as well. All that time I was not pushy. I let him take the lead on his participation level.

At home I kept what I read and believed to myself. But never once did I hide my passion about liberty at those conventions. He was taken by surprise when he saw this new side of me and he liked what he saw. I spoke before large assemblies. I knew Roberts Rules. I knew which way to vote on planks and rules. He met all the nice people I had met over the past few years. He never has complained once this past year.

You can fix this. I did. Good luck.