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first thing....

listen to yourself.

and you've done that. that's what you're doing right now.

this doesn't mean that your wife, or anyone else for that matter, is going to jump on board.

i've been working on my parents, my siblings, the rest of the entire family around us.

i share your plight as we ALL here MUST do - unless there are those (like the comments directly below this one suggest) who pick and choose what to take seriously or not.

the food issue is the most important issue i think because you are literally voting for the vote by going to the store and buying it straight up.

i will NOT let my 2 year old or any children that come along in my life EVER be touched by poison - if i can help it - do help me god (if there is a god?) - and i implore you to remain diligent on this front.

it's really hysterical to my wife and me - thankfully i do not have to fight my wife on ANY issue as she is the one who was at this table long before i ever was - that so many fellow paul supporters still eat total and complete horse crap every damn day and yet they find it necessary to tell you that you are going to end up being your own family's dictator should you put yourself between them and the poison that is so prevalent in our nation today.

that's really great you guys. keep sucking up the rat poison - keep pretending that a little is okay - that halloween is just a ONE TIME A YEAR DEAL.....

i know you walk into 7-11 every morning and grab you a nice $hit filled corn dog, a bag of corn nuts, and a slurpee to boot. i know what you people do. but don't tell this guy that he need not care for a few minutes or hours or days about his family and their health.

sir - you have indeed lost it.....but what "it" is - is not your mind like that would suggest.

you have lost only the glue that kept you firmly stuck to a mirror that once dislodged you can see yourself and what you do to yourself.

congratulations. welcome to hell on earth. there are many of us here to greet you and we welcome you with open arms. our mission is not to remain here however - it is to turn this wretched mess into what it deserves - what we deserve - it to be.