Comment: Take some time to put things into perspective

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Take some time to put things into perspective

I think it is great to be aware of what is really going on in the world. However, you can't buy into the fear peddlers wholesale, just like you shouldn't buy into everything the main stream media tells you.

As far back as the Alien and Sedition Acts of the 18th century, government has been trampling on constitutional rights. Bankers were installing puppets and lobbyists into positions of power to control our government from that time too. False flag attacks allowed, endorsed, or actually carried out by parts of our own government have killed American citizens and gotten us into wars for literally centuries. Bankers have profited from those wars since the signing of the constitution. I believe we are in a world of trouble as a nation, but we have been for a long time, and we probably will be for a long time. If you move your familiy to a bunker (literally or figuratively), you might be there for a long time wishing for a more open life.

I have never given my kids sodas at home, so they don't miss it. At home, we drink juice, tea, and water that is either distilled or from a natural spring. I buy a lot of organic and local food. However, we occassionally eat at McDonalds, we roast HFCS-loaded marshmallows while camping, and I let them eat Halloween candy. Are these things bad for us? You bet it is. I think that stuff is poison, but we eat it in moderation. You just have to balance it with healthy living.