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Comment: Sometimes, it's how you approach things

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Sometimes, it's how you approach things

first, don't oppose halloween. Take the kids out trick or treating, go through their bags taking all the bad crap out and then start a new tradition with them: make your own chocolate candy with no HFCS! The whole family will probably have more fun in the end.

I once got bogged down with all the crap going on around us and here are two conclusions that I've come to:
#1 - The only reason that you hear about this stuff is because people are waking up and they can't hide it anymore. 20 years ago, all this would have remained hidden. The exposing of this stuff isn't fun, but it's actually a good sign.

#2 - 1 hour going out and helping people (volunteer at a food bank, get politically active, help old people, etc) is worth about 1000 hours of online research time. Be a doer, not sure why but it will make you feel much better.

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.