Comment: Science and medicine have been politicized

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Science and medicine have been politicized

They've been taken over by the same people who took over the supply of money, the media, education, the government itself. They're now taking over food production as well, as small farmers are driven out of business by "intellectual property" violations lawsuits by commercial farmers like Monsanto because their crops are being poluted by GMO pollen.

Do some research on how the Rockefeller family completely altered the system of medicine in this country from cheap and effective homeopathic to profit-driven, expensive and often damaging allopathic (this is not a conspiracy theory, but documented fact). Look into the story of the demonization of world-renowned scientist Peter Duesberg when he deviated from the politically correct HIV/AIDS hypothesis (or better yet, read his book "Inventing the AIDS Virus" for an education of how popular medicine through history has been backward, damaging and politically driven) or the persecution of scientist/doctor Stanislaw Burzynski when he deviated from orthodox cancer treatments (radiation, chemo, radical surgery) with harmless and effective antineoplaston therapy. Duesberg and Burzynski are not the sum total of brilliant scientists persecuted for actually trying to heal the sick, they're just the tip of the iceberg. If for no other reason, you should oppose commercial production of GMO crops due to the fact that it's impossible to contain. It infects non-GMO crops so that those who prefer to not take a chance on ingesting Franken foods have no choice. It's a violation of property rights.

I know you're a smart guy from reading many of your posts on DP, so I'm wondering: If you know that the ruling class (through their corporations/lobbyists/cronyism) have ruined money, education, the media, the economy and just about everything it takes control over, why would you trust these people with your food and medicine?